I have travelled to Buenos Aires 7 times now, I believe the country, the food and the people are amazing.
So I decided to learn Spanish.  Wasn’t sure were to start so I looked on Facebook and came across Veronica who teachers Spanish.
I was a little apprehensive at first however Veronica made me feel comfortable straight away. She has a very calm method of teaching and its easy to see she has a passion for it.
She has great understanding of both the English and Spanish Languages.
Steve (Brisbane. Australia) February 2012

Steve Waters property@stevewaters.com.au

I have taken multiple Spanish courses from various places with different teaching methods. From university courses, to groups and private tutors. I made more progress with Veronica in one month than all of my previous efforts, she is FANTASTIC!

Veronica is smart, creative and fun. I consider myself a "curious" learner, and there wasn't a question I asked about the Spanish language that she could not answer. Veronica truly knows her language and uses the perfect combination of instruction, classwork and guided conversation. She leads an engaging class and is great at encouraging while at the same time understanding any difficulties you might have. Combine that with a good sense of humor and you have a supportive environment that is focused and fun, I couldn't help but improve!

I stayed in Buenos Aires for one month while traveling throughout Central and South America and spent over thirty hours taking Spanish classes with Veronica. She is a wonderful instructor and speaking from experience and results, I highly recommend taking classes with her. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my experience.

Adam Weeg atweeg@gmail.com


Molly OlssemPublico en el muro de
I had several spanish teachers in Buenos Aires and Veronica was by far the best. She is personable, cool, and really knows how to teach and design her classes based on the needs of the student, she is didactic and super dynamic which keeps it interesting. I would recommend spanish classes from Veronica to anyone.

Luiz Fernando NogueiraPublico en el muro de
Bueno, tener clases con la profesora  fue una experiencia maravillosa. Aprendí mucho sobre la cultura argentina y la lengua española. Me encantaría volver a la Argentina y seguir mis estudios con vos!


Luiz Fernando

Madson CléberPublico en el muro de

Lo que puedo decir al respecto de mi experiencia como tu alumno es que fueron días muy productivos, donde aprendí mucho sobre la lengua española y la cultura de Argentina. Además pude notar tu esfuerzo para que las clases fuesen dinámicas y atractivas y eso es lo que intento hacer hoy con mis alumnos como profesor de español.

Madson Cléber       

Marília DiasPublico en el muro de
Sin duda la experiencia de estudios en Bs. As. con la tutoría de Verónica ha hecho mucha diferencia en mi vida, sobre todo, la profesional. Es una profesora muy dedicada, atenta, gentil, paciente, etc, etc. Me encantó el curso!

Gabriel Raul CortesPublico en el muro de

I can't even begin to say how fantastic an instructor Veronica is. Her classes were always very informative, well structured and she ensures you fully understand the concept of what you are trying to learn. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!

Lindsey GiesePublico en el muro de
El 6 de junio cerca de Buenos Aires

Take classes with Veronica!!! I spent a few months studying Spanish with her and it was way more than I expected. She's extremely prepared with lots of materials and great lesson plans. She was always able to answer every question that I had (yes, I'm one of those learners who needs to know the "why"). Also, I just had a lot of fun talking in Spanish and getting over my fear of speaking the language. I would've continued studying even longer, but the good teacher that she is said it was time to spread my wings and just speak speak speak and practice the language in real life! I cannot recommend her enough and if you have any questions, I do not mind giving anyone further information!