SPANISH. SMALL GROUPS, 3 to 5 people, only 5 usd /110 PESOS


- best location
- best prices 
- communicative approach/ immersion classes
- qualified and dynamic teacher
- small groups and personalized attention

Choose from intensive (2 hours per day) or super intensive (4 hours per day)
Monday to Friday
In the AM or PM
Study for 1 week, 1 month, or longer!

 There are no registration fees
 The fees are affordable and reasonable: NEW!!! CRASH COURSE FOR TRAVELERS


Develope your language skills in a small group with the best price. Have fun and have new friends!!!
10 hour course: Price: U$D 50 (*each student)
(in pesos argentinos $1100 pesos)

 All the material is included. I give you the units we work with and a folder.
 My place is private and quiet. There is heating, natural light. This is the perfect setting for learning Spanish: a blackboard, real materials to work with (like maps, menus, newspapers, etc.), all specific books for learning Spanish, computer for audio , video and music, and a printer)
 Enjoy lessons while we have a coffee, tea, mate with cookies.
 There is WI-FI connection.
 The schedule is flexible, classes available every day, including weekends
 I follow the internationally recognized CEFR framework for Learning but of course, lessons are tailor made, according to the needs and the pace of the student.
 There are intensive lessons, as you can have at a school, but with the best price
 There are one on one lessons or group lessons
 I offer also DELE exam preparation, with specific material

And more:

 Also on line tutoring
 Free placement test before starting
 All levels (The levels are Basic (A1, A2), Independent (B1, B2) and Proficient (C1, C2). No previous knowledge of Spanish is necessary to study at the Basic level. For students who already know some Spanish are given an assessment exam (written and oral) to determine at what level they should begin their classes. Although I follow the program, we together design a customized study plan).
If you are coming to Buenos Aires, or you have just arrived or you are staying here for a while or you are living here, I´d love to help you to feel confident here, at speaking and understanding, and see how you start improving and "using" the language naturally.
We cover grammar, writing, listening and (important!) practicing the contents orally as if you were at the real situation. After the class, I give you homework for you to go on with the same we saw in class. My classes in an immersion context teach students to learn Spanish in a way that enables them to communicate effectively using real Spanish that is used by native speakers. The lessons are planned to compliment cultural immersion, with reading, writing, grammar and speaking exercises taught to enable students to put them into practice in everyday situations.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Reply to baspanishteacher@gmail.com. I will send you a placement test and correct ir for free

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